A fantasy comic about the day-to-day life of adventure

The very first SideQuest goblin on his boar
This is the very first SideQuest goblin.

- About -

SideQuest is a fantasy webcomic about living in a medieval fantasy world. It’s about exploring the little things of life that we generally don’t see or think about in fantasy story telling.

It started in 2016 as way for me to just have fun with drawing outside of my animation job. It was a time of frustration as I could never find a style that I liked and I was constantly doubting my ability. It started out by just finishing 1 drawing a week whether it was a character design, illustration or a comic strip, and to just keep it simple. In a way I stopped caring what my drawing will look like. Over time the style developed and continues to evolve and I’ve learnt so much from the process.

The world building happened on it’s own. Originally SideQuest was more of a fantasy parody, often times making fun of tropes and things that didn’t make sense. The characters and stories have slowly evolved on their own as every image sheds light on another facet of the work of SideQuest (I still don’t have a name for the place).

Mike Cotton-Russell

- faq -

Q: What is SideQuest? Is it a game or an animation?

Not yet. Hopefully one day it could become either of those. Currently it’s a web comic.

Q: Do you have a comic book I can buy?

Once I have enough content I would love to collect it all in a nicely printed book. I will let everyone know when that will happen.

Q: What is the story about?

The beauty of the project is that there isn’t currently a main storyline. We get scenes from the lives of the characters as they go about their business. Sometimes there will be mini stories spread over a few comic strips. There is an evolution in the characters as they discover new things.

Q: What are your main Influences?

What influences me most are the things I grew uo with whether it was the content or the art style. to name a few would be Calvin & Hobbes, Discworld, John Howe, Warcraft, Lord of the Rings. I also look at a lot of illustrated or photographed historical reference. I try to pull ideas from day-to-day life, or thoughts that occur to me.

Q: When and where can I read the web comic?

I really hope to start publishing the webcomic in September/October 2019. You can read it on the website, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook (maybe). I will also look into publishing on a webcomic platform similar to WebToons or Tapas. 

Q: Your style really reminds me of something, did you work on Munchkins?

I get asked this so many times and the answer is no. It’s an awesome looking game and I would love to play it, however I don’t have anyone to play it with.

Q: Can I Contact you?

You most certainly can. Send an email to info@sidequeststories.com and I’ll get back to you. 


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